The Tribune News Service reports that a Kentucky man convicted of carjacking a Good Samaritan who was helping victims in a car crash has been sentenced to 32 years in prison. Timothy Lawson, 31, was involved in a crime spree in July 2016 that included stealing vehicles and shooting at a volunteer firefighter who was helping at a roadblock that Lawson drove through.

Lawson also once ran from police when they arrived at a house to arrest him, swimming across the Kentucky River to escape. Clay County residents were so tired of Lawson’s crimes that they started to help police search for him.

Other crimes in Lawson’s history include assault, theft, burglary and illegal possession of pain pills.

Lawson went into a woman’s home and waited for her to return, threatening to kill her if she didn’t hand over the keys to her truck. He wrecked the truck soon after fleeing, and when a man and his family stopped to help, Lawson shot over their car with a gun and ordered them out of it.

The family’s stolen vehicle started having engine trouble and Lawson, who was bleeding from his first wreck, flagged down a driver and stole his truck.

Lawson then allegedly stole a Toyota 4Runner and set it on fire, later kicking in the door of a Clay County home and hitting the owner with a gun before stealing his truck.

Lawson was caught over a week later, and he pleaded guilty to charges of using a firearm in crimes of violence. He was sentenced on Wednesday and will be required to serve 85 percent of his sentence, as there are no parole options in the federal court system.

*Photo credit Mongkol Nitirojsakul/EyeEm/Getty Images