Famous Atlanta rapper T.I. is no stranger to law enforcement, and his recent run-in with police has made headlines everywhere. The star, Clifford Harris Jr., was reportedly arrested on May 16th after trying to gain access to his own gated community.

Around 4 A.M., T.I. was returning home to his neighborhood, the Eagle’s Landing Country Club. When he arrived at the gate, he realized that he had forgotten his gate key. He initially realized the security guard on duty was sleeping, so he had to wake the guard up to ask for entry. Euwan James, the security guard, told the rapper he couldn’t gain access to the neighborhood.

The security guard alleges that T.I. then began yelling and screaming profanity at him. T.I. reported to police that he was demanding the guard’s name and the name of his supervisor, but the man refused to give out the information. After some back and forth, the security guard opened the gate for the rapper. T.I. proceeded to park his car at home and return to the guard’s station.

The guard alleges that T.I. was obviously intoxicated at this point, and the rapper was threatening to fight him. T.I. alleges that he was only trying to get the guard’s name, but he also admitted to having a drink before deciding to return to the guard’s stand. T.I. phoned a friend to join him in harassing the guard.

Clifford Harris Jr. was arrested and charged with multiple charges including disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and simple assault. He posted the $2,250 bond and was released from the jail a few hours later. His attorney is saying he was wrongly arrested and wasn’t given a fair opportunity to explain his case to the police officers.