Laura Ebert, an economics professor with the State University of New York, was taken into police custody after she was caught red handed stealing GOP yard signs.

The victim, Patrick McGovern, realized his yard signs were missing one morning. McGovern has a camera that he uses to monitor his property, so he decided to review the footage to find out what happened to his signs. The suspect’s theft was caught on film by the surveillance camera. McGovern could clearly see the suspect pulling out the signs, putting them into her truck and driving away. The incident occurred on October 30th, and the homeowner decided to call the police and press charges. He describes the incident as “frightening” because it occurred so close to their home where they are supposed to feel safe. McGovern also explained that it was “amusing” to learn the culprit was a professor.

Professor Ebert is being charged with misdemeanor larceny. When she was confronted by police, she admitted to taking the Republican candidate’s signs from the victim’s yard. She further stated that she was simply caught in a moment of both high emotion and weakness. She did not intent to cause harm to the victim, and she did not know who lived at the home. She apologized and said, “I was after the sign, not the person.”

Ebert will appear back in court on November 13. The university she works for has not yet responded to the incident, so it’s unclear what will come of this situation.