Hidden rooms and trap doors always spark a curious person’s interest, but you never know what could be discovered in these types of underground rooms. Police in Van Buren were baffled and shocked when they discovered a wanted fugitive hidden inside one home’s hidden basement.

Deputies from the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office received a tip that two wanted individuals were both hanging around a residence near the Red Arrow Highway on November 24th. Officers responded to the situation and found the wanted people they were searching for. Initially, the two suspects were riding in a vehicle. When they noticed the police, they both attempted to flee. One of the suspects ducked into a nearby home.

Police apprehended one of the fleeing suspects before attempting to look into the residence. The police worked diligently to receive a search warrant as promptly as possible. As they awaited confirmation to search the home, another wanted fugitive exited out of the home and turned himself over to police. The third suspect remained inside. Incredibly, another wanted suspect happened to be walking around the outside of the premises. He was also taken into custody for his active arrest warrants.

Officers were finally given permission to enter the home, but they still could not locate the last suspect. Eventually, investigators moved a couch and carpet to discover a hidden trap door. Once they opened the trap door, they discovered 42-year-old Bobby Tillery. He was promptly arrested, and all four suspects were transported to the Van Buren County Jail.