Zedtric Cottingham, a 36-year-old resident of Racine, was arrested and detained on July 29th after allegedly attacking two separate women in the same day. On top of those incidents, authorities discovered the man had an astonishing 57 open and active arrest warrants.

Police first began looking for Cottingham when a woman reported that he hit her and threatened to kill her. After verbally threatening the victim, he stormed off in his vehicle and collided with at least two occupied cars. After the second car crash, Cottingham allegedly told the car crash victim, who was bleeding from wounds to her face, that the previous victim was to blame for his erratic behavior.

Upon hearing the complaints, police descended on Cottingham’s residence. A brief search revealed the suspect hiding underneath the debris. He attempted to give police a false name and refused to comply with police orders, so he was promptly arrested. Police also discovered a white powder, plastic straws and a digital gram scale in plain sight. A more extensive search uncovered marijuana, Xanax pills and more unidentified pills with the inscription “M365” on them.

As police arrested and processed the suspect, they realized he was already supposed to be wearing a court ordered GPS tracking device. He also had 57 open arrest warrants for charges like felony intimidation of a victim, drug possession, tampering with a GPS device, disorderly conduct, obstructing an officer, domestic abuse, misdemeanor battery, hit and run, misdemeanor theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, operation of a motor vehicle without a license and felony bail jumping.