Both Laura Quijana and Boguslaw Matlak, the parents of a three-year-old boy, have been taken into police custody after a bizarre failed social experiment set off a wave of panic amongst the public.

According to the couple, they had decided to use a hidden camera to conduct a strange social experiment. Similar to the popular TV show “What Would You Do,” the couple hoped to encourage the public to take action when they knew something was wrong. The couple turned on their hidden camera and parked their vehicle outside of a restaurant. The father, Matlak, loudly proclaims, “You are being bad, and I’m going to punish you by putting you in the trunk.” He then took the three-year-old boy and put him in the trunk of the vehicle. Police confirmed it was around 89 degrees outside.

At least three concerned witnesses saw the actions of Matlak outside of the Panera Bread restaurant. After putting the youngster in the trunk, they reported to police that the suspect simply drove away. He later returned to the parking lot and saw the nearby police officers.

Matlak approached the officers and explained that he had put his child in the trunk as part of a social experiment. He claimed he wanted to become an “internet sensation.” The officer could see that the youngster was safe in the backseat. The mother told the officer that during the stunt the couple simply grabbed the boy from the folding back seat and place him safely in his car seat.

Police made the decision to arrest Matlak. He was charged with endangering the life of a child. The child was removed from the family’s home by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, but was later returned when the parents agreed not to ever use the child in social experiments again.