Sadly, too many child television stars grow up to suffer serious mental health issues, violate criminal laws and become addicted to various substances. This tragic pattern appears to be repeating for former Disney Channel star Orlando Brown.

Bounty hunters determined to capture Orlando Brown just released an embarrassing video of the former TV star’s demise. The bounty hunters busted into a Las Vegas house to find Brown hiding in a closet and dressed only in his underwear and a t-shirt. The bounty hunter, “Lucky”, and his team had a minor altercation with the homeowner who claimed the team had no legal right to enter into his home. The homeowner believes his rights were violated. He suffered injuries and a damaged door as a result. The homeowner expressed plans to alert authorities about the raid, and he will follow up on the violation of his rights. He explained to TMZ news that he was letting Brown stay with him as a favor for a neighbor who is a music producer.

“Lucky” and his team told TMZ news that they did have the legal paperwork that would allow them to enter the home, so they forced their way into the house without permission. A judge did issue an arrest warrant for Orlando Brown when he failed to appear in court last month. This scheduled court appearance was related to an alleged domestic violence incident between Brown and his girlfriend. According to the allegations, Brown had physically abused his girlfriend.