The recent interaction between Louisiana police officers and a murder suspect is downright bizarre. According to the suspect’s lawyer, the man begged authorities to arrest him in connection with a recent murder, but they absolutely refused to do so unless he produced a valid ID card to prove who he was.

We’re left scratching our heads after learning that police refused to arrest Frank Sams Jr. for almost an hour after trying to turn himself in. According to Sams’ attorney, Kelly Orians, he accompanied the suspect to the police department. Sams was currently wanted in relation to a fatal shooting of a gas station clerk, and he was trying to begin the process of fighting the charge by turning himself in.

Orians was shocked at the officer’s behavior. Frank Sams was trying to do the right thing by turning himself in, but deputies didn’t believe his story. According to the Orleans Parish lockup deputies, it’s unusual for a suspect to come directly to jail to turn themselves in. Instead, they should go to the homicide unit. They continuously asked for the man’s identification and refused to process him until he could come up with proof.

Eventually, Orians convinced the deputies by producing a newspaper that had a mugshot of the wanted suspect. As soon as the officers made the connection, they hauled away Frank Sams and immediately charged him with second-degree murder. Orians assisted the officers with the booking process.

He currently remains in detention on a $500,000 bond. Police later confirmed that their policies don’t require proper ID for the booking process, so the entire situation will be investigated.