CBS News reports that a Georgia police officer has resigned in the midst of being investigated for dragging an elderly black woman out of her car during a traffic stop. The incident happened on May 4 just outside of Atlanta, and was caught on a dashcam in the officer’s car.

The victim was 65 years old and was pulled over after the officer witnessed her drifting into another lane and almost colliding with another vehicle. She refused to sign the ticket as Georgia law requires, and the officer told her she had to be arrested for not complying.

The woman requested a supervisor, and the situation escalated when the backup arrived. The woman struck one of the officers with her vehicle door and when she was told she was under arrest would not exit the car.

Two officers then drug the woman out of her car and she could be heard crying while they put her arms behind her back.

Officer James Legg used vulgar language in the video, and the department publicly stated that he used tactics that were inappropriate and inflammatory. Legg then resigned on May 11.

An internal affairs investigation has been initiated and the department has promised to deliver a “decisive action” at the conclusion of it.

*Photo credit Alpharetta Public Safety Department