Eric Schneiderman is the well-known New York State attorney general. He has risen in prominence in recent years as he has spoken out against the current Trump administration. His political career was halted on May 7th, however, when he quietly resigned from his position.

The former attorney general chose to resign after learning about serious allegations against him. These allegations stem from multiple women who have recently decided to tell their stories publicly. The New Yorker did some investigating and asked the women to tell their stories for the magazine. Both Michelle Manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam came forward telling the New Yorker reporters that they had been violently hit and choked while in an intimate relationship with Mr. Schneiderman. Another woman who wished to remain anonymous confirmed that she had also been slapped across the face by the attorney general. A fourth woman shared similar experiences while in a relationship with him.

All four women told reporters that they have feared speaking out against the powerful man, but they never consented to the abuse they were receiving. Two of the women characterized the interactions as “assault”, and they admitted to needing medical attention after being choked and hit. Two of the women also claimed Mr. Schneiderman threatened to kill them if they ever attempted to break up or speak out against him. One of these women provided photographic evidence of one of her assaults.

This revelation is startling because Mr. Schneiderman was a public supporter of the recent #MeToo movement against sexual abusers. While criminal investigations have not yet been launched, the attorney general resigned within hours of the magazine publishing the story.