On May 3rd, a nurse was arrested by border patrol agents when she tried to flee the country across the Canadian border. The nurse was identified as Cora Weberg, and she was already under investigation by police for allegedly stealing narcotics from the hospital she worked at.

Police Captain Ryan Portmann explained that the nurse probably wasn’t trying to escape prosecution because she did have a return ticket, but her unexpected trip to Canada is what prompted authorities to arrest her. The department was planning on conducting more investigations before pursing an arrest, but the suspect attempting to leave the country forced their hand.

The suspect has been booked into the Pierce County Jail. Currently, no bail has been set, and she is under investigation for second-degree assault. Authorities first became aware of an issue when two patients at Good Samaritan Hospital somehow contracted Hepatitis C during their hospital stay. While investigating this occurrence, hospital staff also noticed a large amount of narcotics disappearing from the emergency department’s dispensing system.

Weberg, who suffers from Hepatitis C, became a suspect when officials discovered she was utilizing hospital needles and narcotics to catch a buzz. It is believed that the suspect would then use the same needle to inject patients with medicine. This action likely led to the patients contracting Hepatitis C. After investigating, Weberg admitted to stealing the narcotics that were meant to be administered to hospital patients.

After the revelation, hospital staff will conduct testing on over 2,600 former patients who had injections or sedatives administered at the emergency department while the former nurse was on duty. The hospital has noted that she was on duty between August 4, 2017 and March 23, 2018.