One New York City resident, Psychic Zoe, was just arrested on May 9th for defrauding her clients. Two of the psychic’s victims, who wish to remain anonymous, were each defrauded out of thousands of dollars in this scam.

One victim initially sought out the psychic due to relationship issues. Sadly, the psychic took advantage of the woman’s sadness and naïve nature. Thompson convinced the woman that she was under some sort of curse and that she would never find love again unless Thompson broke the spell. The psychic required payment in the form of a 9.2 carat diamond ring to perform the curse-breaking services. She also siphoned thousands of dollars from the victim by convincing her to build a golden pyramid that would protect her family from death and vanquish the demons haunting her life. In total, the victim lost over $740,000.

New York Police arrested the suspect, Ann Thompson, after being tipped off by a private investigator, Bob Nygaard. Nygaard specializes in cases of psychic scams, and he has already been successful in putting 30 criminal clairvoyants behind bars. His clients have been able to recover more than $3.5 million in compensation for their losses.

Nygaard spoke with news reporters from The Guardian and told them that the New York Police Department were very cooperative in this case, but he typically has a difficult time getting law enforcement agencies to pursue these types of criminals. He told the reporters that police often treat cases of psychic fraud like a joke, but the monetary cost of these schemes are a serious problem.