Leticia Astacio, a Rochester city court judge, has faced severe public scrutiny because of multiple run-ins with the police over the past year. She has previously spent time in jail after being convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. Recently, Judge Astacio was arrested again for violating probation.

This recent incident occurred when Astacio visited Dick’s Sporting Goods in Henrietta. The Judge then attempted to purchase a firearm from the store. She was already on probation for prior incidents, and individuals on probation are restricted from purchasing or owning any firearms. This violation and attempted criminal purchase of a weapon is a felony.

Despite spending time in jail for driving under the influence and missing work, Judge Astacio did not lose her position as a city court judge. She continued to rank in an astonishing six-figure salary and even received a mandated raise. Astacio’s supervisor, Judge Craig Doran, explained that Astacio has only been in the Hall of Justice once since August 31 of last year.

After this most recent incident, the state’s Court of Appeals finally suspended the judge with pay. Unfortunately, Judge Doran has explained that his hands are tied when it comes to reprimanding Judge Astacio. He has done everything he can do to deal with the vacant judge, but he explains the only way she can be removed from her position is by the state Commission on Judicial Conduct. Otherwise, she will be free to serve out her ten-year term.