FOX News reports that an MS-13 gang member has been convicted in an assault case in Tennessee involving a rifle, bleach and plastic bag. Gerson Serrano-Ramirez, 31, of El Salvador, is an illegal immigrant and was convicted Monday in federal court. His charges were numerous and included those from a 2017 attack on a Nashville man.

Serrano-Ramirez allegedly asked the man to his home after the man requested a stop to his disruptive gang activity in a nightclub. Once they arrived at the house, Serrano-Ramirez threatened the man with a rifle and strangled him with the strap. He also sprayed bleach in the man’s eyes and tried to suffocate him with a plastic bag. Finally, he clamped the victim’s finger in pliers and threatened to kill him and his mother if he told anyone about the assault.

A home security system recorded the assault and was presented as evidence. The videos also showed him in possession of and selling cocaine.

Federal agents swarmed the home and found an AK-47, magazines, 582 rounds of ammunition, body armor and cocaine and marijuana.

Serrano-Ramirez is known by the street name ‘Frijole,’ and was indicted in August 2017. His trial lasted three days before he was convicted on all counts. Records show that he had formerly been deported and illegally entered the country again prior to the assault.

This conviction carries and minimum sentence of 30 years up to life. He will be sentenced in January 2019.

*Photo credit FOX News