On November 19th, patrons at a McDonalds restaurant in Minnesota were disturbed by a heated interaction between customers. Several witnesses were able to capture video evidence of the interaction and post it online. The video went viral and caught the attention of local police.

Police analyzed the video and determined that one of the customers committed a crime during the ordeal. Two days after the incident, the Eden Prairie Police confronted the suspect in the video. Ultimately, he was arrested.

A group of teenagers had gathered at the McDonalds to eat after spending much of their time at a nearby library doing homework. One of the youngsters was attempting to purchase an order of Cinnamon Melt sweets using the Apple Pay system, but the transaction couldn’t be completed. She was attempting to use the system again when the suspect entered into the situation.

55-year-old Lloyd Edwards Johnson became increasingly agitated at the teenagers for taking too much time and began asking them to hurry up. Eventually, the teens completed their transaction and began walking away. As they passed the suspect tin line, he rudely asked them whether or not they were utilizing welfare benefits to pay for their food. One of the teenagers asked the suspect whether he was questioning them because of their race. Most of the teenagers identify as Somali-Americans. The suspect responded by saying yes before a verbal argument broke out. Suddenly, the suspect reached into his pockets and told everyone to back up. He pulled out a firearm, pointed it at the group of teens and slowly exited the restaurant.

Johnson was eventually arrested for second-degree assault as a result of the incident. He is currently being detained at the Hennepin County Adult Detention Center.