After dozens of videos emerged online of Mayor Frank Gilliam’s home being raided by federal agents, a spokeswoman for the FBI has confirmed that a search warrant was executed at the mayor’s residence in Atlantic City. According to witnesses, the law enforcement officers could be seen hauling several boxes, computers and other equipment out of the mayor’s home.

It’s unclear whether this raid has anything to do with the mayor’s recent run in with the law outside of an Atlantic City Casino. Last month, he was involved in a physical confrontation outside of a bar with citizens of the town. Some of the victims have alleged that the mayor assaulted them and chased them in a vehicle. The Prosecutor’s Office has declined to press charges against the mayor, but he is still due in court for citizens’ complaints regarding the ordeal.

The mayor’s office was contacted by multiple media outlets, but they have declined to comment on the raid. While the mayor was leaving his home, several journalists shouted questions at him, but he also failed to comment.

According to the New York Times, Mayor Gilliam has faced complaints about his campaign finances in the past. There have been disputes over a $10,000-dollar check that was deposited to the mayor’s campaign account. The Atlantic City Democratic Committee has argued that the check was meant to be given to them. Although a criminal complaint was filed, the case was later dropped.

Despite these past run-ins with the law, it remains unclear why his home was raided. The FBI confirmed that IRS agents took part in the raid, but further details remain unseen.