Constituents of Elmwood Place are a bit shocked to learn that their beloved Mayor Bill Wilson has been implicated and arrested regarding a domestic violence incident.

Reports indicate that Mayor Wilson and his husband, Bill Smith, were both enjoying Cincinnati’s pride day events together. They were both downtown engaging with other pride day event goers and indulging in alcohol. As the night came to a close, witnesses could see the couple engaging in a verbal altercation. The two were shouting at each other about who was the most intoxicated and who should be the designated driver.

Eventually, they came to an agreement, but the fight continued on the way home. Court documents indicate the aggression turned physical. When the duo arrived home, neighbors witnessed another fight break out. Police were notified about the occurrence, and they arrived at the couple’s home shortly later.

Police discovered the intoxicated duo wrestling in the foyer of their home. Both suspects sustained injuries including scratches from shards of glass, bruises from wrestling and one black eye. Because both suspects were intoxicated and aggressive, police were unable to immediately determine who the primary aggressor was in this situation. They made the decision to arrest both men and charge them both for their actions. They are both currently facing charges including disorderly conduct in public and domestic violence. Mayor Wilson is also being charged with resisting arrest and obstructing official business. According to police records, the mayor had intentionally pushed an officer and attempted to flee before being arrested. The police department enlisted the assistance of the St. Bernard Police force to eliminate the possibility of a conflict of interest.