One reality TV show took an unexpected turn when a contestant was detained and arrested in the airport while attempting to travel with the show to Mexico.

Mia Bally, a 29-year-old contestant on the television show Married at First Sight, was set to travel with the show and her newlywed husband to Mexico. When the couple arrived at the airport, authorities discovered an outstanding arrest warrant for Bally. She was immediately detained, and producers were forced to explain the suspect’s charges to her new husband legally bound to her by marriage.

Producers insist that all necessary precautions were taken when examining the backgrounds of the contestant. It appears that the arrest warrant was initiated at some point after the producer’s background checks and after producers had already casted Mia.

On February 6, Jared Evans, an ex-boyfriend of Mia, filed a complaint with a police department in Louisiana. He explained to police that his disgruntled ex, Mia Bally, had been stalking him for over a year since their breakup. He also alleged that the suspect illegally used his credit card to make an unauthorized charge nearing $1,500.

Bally claims that she wasn’t aware of the warrant, and she is also arguing that the credit card fraud charges must be a case of stolen identity. She explained that her vehicle had recently been stolen along with the credit card in question.

It’s unclear how the reality tv show will continue to handle the charges against Bally. It is obvious she was stalking an ex-boyfriend up until two months before being legally married to a complete stranger on television.