Paul D. Randall, a 34-year-old resident of Dolgeville, was arrested by police under the suspicion of viciously running over a victim at a rest stop.

Police first became aware of the fatal accident on August 17th. The State Highway Patrol was contacted when a pedestrian at a rest stop was struck by a vehicle. The accident occurred on Interstate 77 at around 11:15 P.M.

Witnesses told authorities that two men had gotten into a fight. The verbal altercation ended when one of the men pushed the other man and stole his Ford F-350. The victim was laying on the ground when the other man appeared to intentionally run over the victim without hesitation. After striking Scott Reichard, a 42-year-old resident of North Olmsted, the suspect did not stop. He sped out of the area while concerned witnesses contacted the cops.

Police quickly found Reichard’s F-350 truck in a parking lot. It had been abandoned in downtown Cleveland. Ohio State Highway Patrol officers located the suspect during an unrelated traffic stop. Randall was riding as a passenger in his girlfriend’s vehicle when they were stopped along Interstate 70 on August 18th. The officer initiating the traffic stop recognized the suspect, so he was immediately taken into custody.

Randall is being charged with murdering Scott Reichard and stealing his vehicle. Police are working diligently to identify the motive in this crime. Authorities don’t believe the suspect and victim knew each other prior to the incident, and it appeared to be a random act of violence.