In January, a viral video of a Black Lives Matter rally circulated around social media when one Los Angeles Police Officer was visibly chanting “white power” at the demonstrators. The horrific scene prompted an investigation into the incident. The LAPD consistently refuted the prevalent idea that the man in the video was actually an officer within their department.

Now, it’s been uncovered that the alleged LAPD officer was an imposter. The suspect, 36-year-old Daniel Sohn, has been taken into custody after admitting to habitually impersonating the police for “respect and attention.”

According to police, the suspect was wearing a long-sleeve shirt with the “LAPD” logo when he was initially tracked down. The shirt is publicly available, so it wasn’t a crime to be wearing the shirt. He also had several police patches. When questioned, Sohn admitted that he has pretended to be an officer on several occasions.

Sohn is being charged with impersonating a police officer. The Police Department released a statement on Twitter about the ordeal confirming the individual’s identity. They also reaffirmed that the LAPD clothing he wore at the rally is available to the public, so it wasn’t hard for him to fool people into thinking he was associated with the police.

It was later revealed that he was the same individual in the viral video from January. The Los Angeles Police Department is asking anyone with information about the suspect to reach out to them with the information.

This isn’t the first time Sohn has gone viral. Back in 2014, Sohn made national headline news when he dumped his dog out of his vehicle and tried to abandon it. He reportedly ditched the dog twice and even accidentally hit the animal with the car. A witness reported the incident to both the news and police.