Last week, a pedestrian walking along the sidewalk noticed a very political and controversial display in a shop window. As he passed by, he couldn’t contain his anger. What happened next ultimately led to the destruction of an Obama mannequin and the arrest of the pedestrian. A nearby surveillance camera captured the whole ordeal on video.

According to the Romantic Depot’s owner, the display included an Obama look-a-like mannequin who was dressed up like a prince. Beside the former president was current president Trump.

Clearly, the pedestrian was not happy with the display. He abruptly kicks the window as he passes by the storefront. Next, he starts pacing around in front of the store, clearly upset with the lingerie store’s mannequins. A few feet away, the suspect saw a fenced-off construction area. He moved the fence and scooped up a cinderblock. He returned to the shop and smashed the window out with the brick.

He quickly grabs the Obama mannequin and drags in out onto the sidewalk. He picked up one of the mannequin’s arms and chucked it to the ground before fleeing the area. Two store employees can be seen running out of the store after the man.

It was immediately clear that the public was not going to allow this man to get away with his bizarre and destructive temper tantrum. According to the store owner, Glen Buzzetti, several other pedestrians happened to be Obama fans. When they saw what the suspect had done, they immediately surrounded him.

Buzzetti alleged that his store’s security team quickly went from detaining the suspect to protecting him from the irate crowd. One woman attempted to kick the suspect in the head. Buzzetti alleged, “he could have been killed.”

Police arrived and apprehended the suspect. He allegedly told police that the Obama mannequin “looked at him funny” and he was sick of seeing Obama because he “ruined the country.”