Lollapalooza, an annual music festival held in Grant Park, lasted for four days this year. According to local law enforcement officers, this year’s events resulted in fewer arrests and medical emergencies, but more individuals were handed out citations.

The Chicago Police Department confirmed that the music festival had about 100,000 people in attendance each day. The security for this year’s event was much stronger than last year. Officers are crediting the smaller amount of arrests to the heightened security efforts. Individuals were prohibited from bringing in sealed bottles of liquids, extra fencing surrounded the area’s perimeter and more Chicago police officers were present to patrol the area.

This year’s music festival resulted in 12 arrests, 34 citations, 160 hospitalizations and one unexplained death. Evan Kitzmiller, the 16-year-od victim, was transported from the festival to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital on August 5th. Initial reports indicate the younger boy may have experienced a seizure during the music festival before being taken away in an ambulance. He passed away about an hour later, and the medical examiner’s office is still working to determine what exactly led to his death.

The twelve arrests consisted of charges like theft, reckless conduct, battery, drug possession and resisting arrest. One individual suspected of battery was later released without being charged. Multiple citations were also issued for offenses such as trespassing, fence jumping and entering into a restricted area.

Those in attendance for this festival noticed the extremely hot temperatures. Heat soared well into the 90s, and the increased heat may have contributed to the number of hospitalizations.