Ref Rodriguez, a member of the Los Angeles school board, was just arrested for public intoxication. This newest run-in with police comes after the revelation of multiple criminal allegations that forced him to step down as the school board president in October. He has not given up his board seat, but a conviction could result in a forced resignation.

Rodriguez’s recent misstep occurred at a public Pasadena restaurant. Witnesses confirm that Rodriguez had been at the restaurant for about an hour before authorities were called to escort him outside. Pasadena police arrested Rodriguez for public intoxication and held him in jail for around six hours. Ultimately, the public figure was released from jail without being charged or cited. Rodriguez explained to the Los Angeles Times that he didn’t believe his detention would be considered an arrest.

Rodriguez is additionally facing multiple charges relating to his 2015 school-board campaign. According to police records, he is currently awaiting his next court appearance which is scheduled for May 9th. He has pleaded not guilty to three felony charges of conspiracy, offering a false instrument and perjury. He is also expected to plead not guilty to over 25 misdemeanor allegations relating to his 2015 school-board campaign. He allegedly laundered political donations during his campaign from friends and relatives. Reports indicate friends and family members of Rodriguez donated over $24,000 with the expectation that he would reimburse all funds once he got the position. He allegedly concealed the true sources of these monetary donations.

In a completely separate complaint, a former employer has accused Rodriguez of having a conflict of interest. The complaint alleges that he signed more than $285,000 worth of checks to an organization that Rodriguez himself co-founded.