Former reality TV star Mike “Boogie” Malin went from winner of Big Brother’s $500,000-dollar prize to a state of bankruptcy within the past several years. A judge has recently made a ruling regarding his requests for bankruptcy, and Mike’s requests for discharging over $800,000 of debt were denied.

Big Brother winner Mike “Boogie” was formerly adored by reality TV fans and a partner in one of the biggest restaurants in Hollywood. His success seemed unstoppable as he rose in fame to become one of the most legendary reality TV stars in history, but his wealth and lavish lifestyle screeched to a halt back in 2011. Shereene Arazm initiated a lawsuit against Boogie for illegally taking money from the Geisha House, LLC restaurant group for years. She alleged that Boogie had used the stolen money for gambling, partying, traveling and other activities. Ultimately, the case was settled. Boogie came out owing $800,000.

On top of this case, Boogie was additionally sued by his landlord when he failed to pay rent for his Geisha House restaurant in Atlanta. Mike’s failure to pay rent over a period of eight years resulted in an unthinkable $10.5 million settlement against the former TV star. This was followed by another loss in a lawsuit from attorney Marty Singer. Mike claimed that the attorney had extorted him, but Mike ended up owing $323,689 in this situation. Mike’s $1 million net worth become shadowed by his $23 million worth of debt, and he eventually filed for bankruptcy. The judge has ruled that the $800,000 debt from his previous lawsuit will not be cleared.