Newsweek reports that a woman who was held captive by a serial killer has been awarded more than $6 million in damages. Todd Kohlhepp was ordered by a judge this week to pay Kala Brown a total of $6.3 million for kidnapping and chaining her in a storage container.

Brown filed suit against Kohlhepp alleging assault, battery, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence. She filed the suit in 2016 and her attorneys asked a judge to file a ruling when Kohlhepp did not respond to the allegations.

The Spartanburg Circuit Court Judge awarded Brown $1.5 million for costs incurred and $4.7 million for future damages. The suit initially sought $360 million.

In 2016, Brown and her boyfriend went missing near Spartanburg. She was found two months later in a storage container on a 100-acre property, chained up so she couldn’t escape.

Brown had gone to the property for a cleaning job and her boyfriend, Charles David Carter, went with her. Kohlhepp is a realtor and registered sex offender, and killed Carter before chaining Brown in the storage container.

Brown told authorities about others that Kohlhepp bragged to her about killing, which led to the discovery of three bodies. Kohlhepp confessed to a quadruple homicide that happened in 2003, and is currently serving seven consecutive life sentences plus 60 years without the chance for parole.

Kohlhepp told police last week that two additional bodies are buried near an interstate in South Carolina, but refused to help locate them. Five other civil suits are currently pending against Kohlhepp.

*Photo credit IBT Media