One student from Union Mine High School has made headline news across the nation after being arrested on battery charges. The student allegedly confronted another student and a teacher over their political views.

An enraged 17-year-old senior student, identified as Jo-Ann Butler, became visibly upset when she noticed a classmate wearing the iconic Trump MAGA hat. Rather than confront the student, she reportedly reached for the hat and grabbed it off the other student’s head. She spouted, “that’s a racist and hateful symbol!” Next, she threw the hat onto the ground. A nearby teacher attempted to confront the student, and she told her to remove herself from the classroom. Butler didn’t comply, and she slapped the teacher in the face as she was being escorted out of the room.

Cell phone video of the incident has emerged online which has sparked controversy across the nation. While it’s clear the political climate is anything but peaceful, these issues should not be so apparent in our public schools. Currently, the El Dorado Union High School District has a clothing policy that allows students to wear political symbols. The incident will continue to be investigated by both the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office and the Union Mine High School administration.

Butler was taken into police custody and charged with two counts of battery. She was transported to the El dorado County Juvenile Hall. The school district has also decided to suspend her from school for at least one week.