William Jefferson, a 22-year-old resident of North Carolina, is making national headline news after being caught reaching unimaginable speeds of over 198 miles per hour on U.S. 1. Incredibly, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat vehicle only has an official top speed of 199-mph, so this driver was really pushing his limits.

Since dubbed the “Hellcat driver,” Jefferson had been recklessly riding near the Triangle Expressway in Wake County. Authorities believe it’s possible he was street racing. Regardless of his motives, his actions were immortalized on video tape. It appears that a passenger within the vehicle recorded the Hellcat racing down the road, and he uploaded the footage to the popular social media sharing site YouTube. The seven-minute video was then re-shared on Facebook. The video clip, which has since gone viral, was eventually sent to North Carolina’s Highway Patrol.

Police reviewed the tape and decided to pursue an investigation. The driver reached speeds way exceeding 100 miles per hour in a 40-mph zone, and his reckless driving could have caused serious injury to himself, his passenger or other drivers on the road that night. Upon identifying the Hellcat driver, police asked for a warrant to search the suspect’s mobile device for further evidence of traffic violations.

The suspect has been charged with both reckless driving and street racing. He is expected to return to court on September 4. According to ABC 11 news, Jefferson does have a few minor traffic violations on his record, but his criminal record is clean otherwise.