Police Officer Iris Rowe from the Atlanta Police Department has been arrested, charged with drug possession and placed on administrative leave from her position after she was discovered by her fellow officers inside of an apartment they were raiding for drugs.

The Atlanta Police Department received an anonymous tip about drug deals occurring within a specific apartment complex, so they launched an investigation. When police believed they had gathered enough evidence, they planned a raid on the apartments. Officers were shocked, however, when they discovered their partner inside. It remains unclear what Officer Rowe was doing at the apartment.

During the raid, authorities seized multiple drugs including MDMA, marijuana and an unidentified narcotic. Officers also discovered $8,000 in cash suggesting that the drugs were being sold and distributed. In addition to Officer Rowe’s police issued firearm, they discovered an AR-15 in Rowe’s trunk.

Officer Rowe has been with Atlanta’s Police Department for two years, but now she remains behind bars until her hearing. She submitted her handwritten resignation letter in which she apologized for her “shameful” behavior. Responding officers confirmed that the suspect was in full police uniform when they discovered her in the drug house.

The former officer is facing four different drug charges. She is being detained at the Fulton County Jail until her expected court date on June 27. Two other suspects, Jeremy Laye and Tony Robinson, were also arrested during the raid. Police informed news reporters that Laye faces additional charges based on his current probation status, and his children were present at the drug house during the raid.