One Florida State University student was arrested and charged with battery after having a meltdown when she saw conservatives campaigning on campus. The student was later identified as an intern for the state’s Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum. Gillum’s campaign has not responded or commented on the incident yet.

The student’s tirade was captured on cell phone video by onlookers. Shelby Shoup was walking to class when she noticed a group of Republicans campaigning for Ron DeSantis. She stormed up and began yelling things such as, “You are supporting Nazis.” One student noticed Shoup wearing a pin with the communist logo on it. He questioned her about whether she was supporting communism, and she replied in the affirmative. Shoup also brought up the recent synagogue shooting.

Witnesses saw her throw her opened chocolate milk drink at Daisy Judge, the Vice-Membership Chair of SFU College Republicans. Another student attempted to stop Shoup, but she threw the remained of her drink on him. Next, she began ranting about fascism and normalizing Nazis. She stormed over to the Ron DeSantis campaign and kicked it over before walking away. The video has been viewed online at over 30,000 times.

The group of Republicans later called the incident an “alarming display of the extremely charged political environment.” Florida State University representatives later released a statement on Twitter about the incident. They confirmed that the aggressor, Shoup, was arrested and charged by local law enforcement officers. The school also explained that it is a “diverse community that values and respects each person.”