Protesters in Pittsburgh were met with extreme resistance. Dozens of individuals had descended on Pittsburgh streets for the third straight night in a row when a crazed individual plowed through the crowd in his black sedan.

Thankfully, no one was injured during the extreme show of disapproval, but police are still looking for information regarding the identity of the person behind this criminal action.

The group of individuals had come together to demonstrate the recent death of Antwon Rose. Rose, who was a teenager, was tragically killed during an interaction with police. The suspect had been unarmed at the time and was attempting to run from the cops in a vehicle and on foot. He was shot three times in the back. Video footage of the incident that was captured on a witness’s cellphone has since circulated throughout social media. The demonstrators chose to protest in a very heavily populated area right as hundreds of guests attempted to disperse from a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game. It appears that one of the enraged fans trying to leave may have been the suspect who drove through the crowd.

Police and emergency medical staff arrived on scene. No one was injured, so police decided to disperse the crowd. Some protesters refused to comply with the police orders to vacate the area. As it grew dark, officers in riot gear arrived to enforce the order to leave. Overall, the authorities arrested four different individuals for blocking traffic, refusing to disperse and resisting arrest.