Police in Greenville were forced to make five arrests during a weekend “Build the Wall” rally that became unruly.

The initial incident began when a group of about 15 people gathered around Washington Street. The group was carrying signs that said, “Build the Wall.” Other signs showed support for a wall along our Mexican border and current President Donald Trump.

A counter protest quickly gathered on the opposite side of the street to demonstrate their opposing viewpoint. Counter-protesters far outnumbered the “Build the Wall” demonstrators. About 35 individuals were gathered in opposition on the other side of the roadway. According to Greenville police, both groups of protesters had given the city a picketing notice for the same place and time, so they were prepared for a clash. Police promptly set up barriers on each side of the sidewalk to ensure that the groups kept their distance from each other.

One man and woman allegedly posed as pro-Trump demonstrators to infiltrate the other side. They eventually pulled out both a gay-pride rainbow flag and Black Lives Matter flag. Two other protesters confronted the duo and began to rip up their flags. In response, the woman and man grabbed the “Build the Wall” sign and ripped it. Police arrested all four protesters, two from each respective sign, and charged them with public disorderly conduct and interfering with picketing.

Later during the demonstration, another protester was charged with public disorderly conduct. Eventually the opposing demonstrations wrapped up at around 4 P.M.