Matt Morgan, an Orlando-based attorney, has publicly announced his intentions to file a lawsuit on behalf of one victim seriously injured by the recent bridge collapse in Florida. The Florida International University’s bridge was newly-constructed, but it collapsed at the school on Thursday. The devastating accident killed at least six individuals and crushed eight vehicles. Eight additional victims are still receiving care at local hospitals.

Investigators are attempting to determine what caused the new bridge to collapse. Recent information has been revealed about an ominous voicemail received by Florida’s Department of Transportation just two days before this tragic accident. According to reports, one engineer from the firm that designed the bridge, Denny Plate, called state transportation officials and left them a voicemail about cracks within the bridge’s structure. The voicemail describes cracking on the north end of the bridge and recommends that repairs be ordered. The caller assures the agency that there were no significant threats to the student’s safety.

Just hours before the bridge’s collapse, the university was holding a meeting to discuss solutions for the cracking problem. As the two-hour meeting came to a close, lead engineers concluded that the cracks did not pose any safety concerns to the students because the cracks didn’t compromise the structural integrity of the bridge. Hours later, the entire bridge fell. It’s unclear whether these cracks caused the bridge to collapse, but investigators are working hard to find answers. Courts will need to determine whether the school, the engineers and Florida's Department of Transportation were negligent in preventing this horrible accident.