At 11:44 a.m. on April 24, a jogger was struck by a vehicle at West El Camino Avenue. After being hit by the vehicle, the victim was left alone as the perpetrator sped away. Neighbors who frequent the intersection told FOX40 news that the area is known to be extremely dangerous for pedestrians and runners.

The woman was later identified as Ericka Jennifer Hann by the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office. She was running during her lunch hour break when the car collided with her at the intersection. Lt. Paul Freeman, a spokesman for the Sacramento Police Department, detailed the situation. He described the suspect’s vehicle as a slightly raised, white pickup truck that had a loud and noticeable exhaust. He also noted that the truck had a distinct camper shell. The driver had been headed southbound on Grasslands Drive. While attempting to turn onto West El Camino Avenue, the truck driver slammed into the woman and drove off.

Officials confirmed that the driver of the truck was found on April 27th, and police have arrested an adult male suspected of the fatal hit-and-run. It appears that the suspect saw the Police Department’s Twitter posts with images of his truck and turned himself into authorities. Investigators have not released any additional details about the man’s arrest, and they have not confirmed the suspects identity yet. It’s unclear whether the suspect was aware of the fatal collision or not because he did turn himself into the police, but it’s also common for drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol to run until they are sober enough to realize what they have done.