Police were horrified after a very dangerous inmate escaped their custody while being transported by van. The inmate, Cedric Marks, was formerly a successful MMA fighter, but he was also accused of killing at least two people.

Authorities explained how Marks escaped on February 3rd. That morning, Marks was aboard a van and being transported to Bell County. The driver made a stop in Conroe at a McDonald’s restaurant to grab a bite to eat when Marks made his move. It still hasn’t been disclosed how the handcuffed inmate snuck away.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was extremely concerned once they realized Marks was on the loose. They tweeted out to the public about the escape and confirmed the wanted criminal was facing three pending murder charges.

For nine hours, police swept through the area in an attempt to find the suspect, whose fighting name was “Spiderman.” Police utilized all the resources available including the cooperation of 17 agencies, K-9 dogs, helicopters and several officers scouting the nearby areas. The department also sent out automated phone calls to warn residents about the ordeal.

Thankfully, one of the K-9 units eventually led police directly to the suspect. He was hidden inside of a 55-gallon trash can that was only about two blocks away from the McDonald’s where he escaped. Marks must have stayed in the trashcan the entire nine hours that police were searching for him.

Marks knew he was caught, and he surrendered without further incident. Police were thankful to have recaptured the inmate.