Cell phone footage of an arrest back in December has surfaced online, and the resulting investigation has caused one police officer to be placed on administrative duty. The incident involved a former NFL football player, Desmond Marrow, and Henry County police officers.

Marrow explained how he was attacked in a hate crime prior to the police officer’s arrival. Two white males who were driving by in their vehicle allegedly tossed hot coffee out of their window at Marrow. Marrow pursued the vehicle on foot, and he got into a heated argument with the two white males. A witness who saw the men arguing immediately dialed 911. The witness mistakenly informed authorities that Marrow was carrying a firearm.

When police arrived on scene, Marrow had his cellphone in his back pocket. After being misinformed by 911 dispatchers, police assumed the cell phone was a deadly weapon, so they responded to the situation aggressively. According to police, they believed that Marrow had made explicit threats of violence towards the two white males. Video posted to social media shows Marrow being smashed into the ground by police officers, and many are calling the arrest an unjust case of police brutality. Marrow was then chocked until he was unconscious. The District Attorney’s office has agreed the video is both “graphic and violent”.

The ex-NFL player was slapped with multiple charges including reckless driving, aggressive driving, making terrorist-like threats and obstruction. Thankfully, a magistrate judge decided to drop the extreme allegations of terrorist threats. Marrow sustained both a concussion and shoulder strain as a result of the incident, and he also claims officers spit on him.