Dining and dashing is usually a crime reserved for teenagers or other youngsters, but one 45-year-old has now been charged with utilizing social media and dating apps to take dining and dashing to a whole new level. The scammer would con women into going out to eat with him under the premise that the meeting was a date. On most occasions, the suspect would order expensive items like steak, shrimp, wine and coffee. Before the bill arrived, the grown man would dine and dash leaving his ‘date’ to pay for the meal. Most of the women said he used excuses like needing to get something from the car or answer a phone call.

According to Michael Fern, the Deputy District Attorney, several of the victims ended up footing the bill themselves after being ditched. In two of the instances, the restaurant picked up the check. From May of 2016 to April 2018, it’s estimated the suspect scammed victims out of a total of $950.

His scam became apparent when multiple women came forward accusing him of the same thing. He was initially charged with two counts of attempted extortion, seven counts of extortion and one count of grand theft. He was also charged with defrauding and petty theft. At first, the suspect pleaded not guilty, but he ultimately pleaded no contest on November 20th.

Gonzales has been sentenced to 120 days in jail and three years of probation. The courts have issued an order to keep him off of dating websites like Bumble and Plenty of Fish during this time period.