The internet is abuzz with conspiracy theories regarding the recent attack against Jussie Smollett, an actor in “Empire.” The star, Smollett, was reportedly brutally attacked in an apparent hate crime, but now the two suspects have been released from police custody after “new evidence” surfaced.

Smollett contacted the Chicago Police on January 29th to report the horrific crime he had just endured. According to the actor, two unidentified men wearing masks approached him. Smollett believes he was specifically targeted because he is black and gay. The men reportedly made homophobic and racist remarks as they punched and assaulted Smollett. What’s most disturbing was that the attackers placed a noose around his neck and poured an unknown substance over him. He later told police that he thought the chemical may have been bleach.

Police were horrified at the attack and immediately began investigating. Shortly later, a surveillance video was discovered that showed the two attackers. Police tracked them down and interrogated them.

Soon, it was confirmed that one of the men had also worked on the “Empire” show with Smollett. Local reporters began to question whether the three men had staged the attack, and this theory was only made more viable when the two suspects were released from custody. Police were forced to admit that they also could not find surveillance footage of the exact moments during the alleged attack.

The conspiracy only got deeper when Smollett refused to hand over his cellphone as evidence to investigators.

Chicago Police later explained that although the didn’t find evidence of the attack, they also haven’t found evidence of a hoax either.