Jeff Woodburn, New Hampshire’s leading Democratic legislator, was taken into police custody on August 2nd after being accused of assault and domestic violence.

While it’s unclear what set the representative off, it’s alleged that the minority leader of the State Senate became enraged with his “intimate” female partner. He reportedly assaulted the female by throwing a cup at her and dousing her with water. The woman further reported that the angry representative then hit her violently in the stomach before beginning to bite down on her forearm and hand.

The legislator’s rage did not end there. After violently assaulting his partner, Mr. Woodburn took off to the woman’s residence. He busted into the property without permission and began throwing her belongings around the house. Property was damaged during the ordeal.

Mr. Woodburn has been charged with a number of crimes including domestic violence, assault, criminal trespassing and criminal mischief as a result of the incident. He has responded publicly in an emailed statement confirming the charges against him. He reports that he voluntarily turned himself into police when he learned that a warrant was issued for his arrest. He explained that he has fully cooperated with law enforcement, and he was later released on a $500 cash bail and $10,000 personal recognizance bail. Mr. Woodburn also confirmed that he fully intends to fight the charges against him in court.

Mr. Woodburn’s status as a state representative is now being challenged by officials on both sides of the political spectrum. Several officials have called for Woodburn’s prompt resignation in light of the unconscionable domestic assault charges against him.