Newsweek reports that a woman has pleaded guilty this week to the second-degree murder of her mother. Investigators call the murder a result of an ultimatum issued by the girl’s father.

The 20-year-old daughter, Kerrie Neurauter, and her father, Lloyd Neurauter, 45, are charged with the murder of Michele Neurauter, 46, in August, says the Democrat & Chronicle.

Police believe the father and daughter planned the murder, and the daughter has admitted to helping him plan the murder. She is a current student at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Lloyd allegedly told Kerrie that he needed help in carrying out the murder of her mother because he was burdened by child support and alimony payments. He also wanted custody of his youngest child with the mother. He told his daughter if she didn’t help him carry out the crime that he would commit suicide, says WENY.

Although the daughter wasn’t materially involved in the murder, investigative reports say she did drive him to her mother’s house and shut off home devices, then played with a younger sibling so the murder could be carried out by her father. She also helped him make the scene look like a suicide, says WHAM.

Initially, she gave false information to investigators in order to cover her and her father’s involvement with the killing.

Karrie will face a maximum of 15 years in prison as part of her plea deal, but only under the condition that she testifies against her father in court. His trial is scheduled for September 24.

*Photo credit Spectrum News