A strange legal loophole has left one man in Romania forced to live as the walking dead when Romanian courts denied his requests to overturn an obviously incorrect death certificate. He has been living in a legal nightmare attempting to prove to the courts of Romania that he is alive and well after a very confusing series of events.

Constantin Reliu moved from Romania to Turkey in 1995 after learning that his wife was cheating on him, but he was unaware of any legal issues until he was detained last December for expired papers in Turkey. The Turkish government deported Reliu back to Romania where he was informed that the “real” Constantin Reliu had been declared dead years ago. Obviously very confused, Reliu was forced to undergo over six hours of questioning, identity verification tests and fingerprint analysis before being released. Despite this intensive testing, authorities were not convinced.

Reliu attempted to have the courts overturn his death certificate. Thursday the courts ruled that the statute of limitations for overturning the death certificate, which was issued in 2003, had passed, so they denied his requests. Despite appearing in person to the court, his death certificate will remain valid. The ruling is final, but Reliu plans to write the Turkish President in hopes of getting help with his situation. Now, Reliu is officially listed as deceased and has been banned for life from returning to his home country of Turkey. He’s additionally been banned from living in Romania.