Mother and Aunt Twins Arrested for Murder After 6-Year-Old’s Disappearance

SUSPECTS: Jakee Raquel Flores and Jennifer Rachel Contreras



THE DETAILS: On Thursday, the San Bernadino County Police responded to a citizen’s request to conduct a well-check on a family. The unidentified caller reported not seeing a young child for several days. When police arrived, Jakee Flores told authorities that she had not seen her six-year-old child for two weeks. She was immediately arrested and charged with child neglect. A search was conducted, but authorities have not yet found the boy. Despite that, Fores’ twin sister, Jennifer Contreras, was arrested on Sunday. Reports indicate Contreras and her sister are facing murder charges. The investigation is still ongoing, and police have yet to release many details.


Judge in Massachusetts Facing Criminal Charges After Preventing Migrant’s Arrest

SUSPECT: Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph

CHARGES: Obstructing Justice, aiding and abetting, obstruction of a federal proceeding, conspiracy to obstruct justice


THE DETAILS: Judge Joseph is a state court judge in Massachusetts. Now, the judge and a former court officer who worked with him in court have both been accused of obstructing justice. According to initial reports, they both intentionally prevented an ICE officer from arresting an undocumented immigrant suspect at their courthouse last year. The suspect was reportedly wanted in Pennsylvania for possessing narcotics. As he stood trial, an ICE officer waited for the arraignment to be over. The ICE officer intended to apprehend the suspect after court, but the judge barred the agent entry into the courtroom. Then, the judge and court officer used their security access cards to help the undocumented man leave the court through a security side door to avoid the ICE officer.


Suspect Arrested After Stealing Sculpture from Art Gallery in NYC

SUSPECT: Zoltan Genc

CHARGES: Grand Larceny


THE DETAILS: According to New York City Police, a suspect was caught on camera entering into an art gallery and leaving with a masterpiece. The stolen sculpture, the police learned, was worth over $16,000. It was created by Fred Allard, a famous French artist, and it was a representation of a shopping basket made of gold. Inside were silver bottles. Staff at the art gallery confirmed that their security officer was in the back room helping with an installation at the time of the robbery. The gallery also explained their intent to strengthen its security protocols following this recent incident.


Suspect Accused of Murdering Family in Oakland Arrested

SUSPECT: Stefon Jefferson



THE DETAILS: Stefon Jefferson was apprehended in Nevada after fleeing Oakland. Authorities believe Jefferson was on the run after murdering a relative in Oakland. While they are still piecing together the puzzle, they’ve also connected Jefferson with another murder that occurred in San Francisco just hours after the first murder. Both victims are relatives of the suspect, and both shootings occurred just outside of the victim’s homes.


Ryan Griffin Arrested After Punching Out Hotel Window

SUSPECT: Ryan Griffin

CHARGES: Public intoxication and vandalism


THE DETAILS: Ryan Griffin is a well-known NFL player, but now he’s just hoping he didn’t ruin his chances at fame after getting arrested in Nashville. According to initial reports, Griffin had been drinking before he began wandering down the streets of downtown Nashville on Friday. For unknown reasons, he apparently began punching and smashing a window in front of Hotel Indigo. The authorities were called out to the scene where they found the suspect stumbling around and bleeding. He reportedly reeked of alcohol and was immediately taken into police custody. The whole ordeal reportedly happened on the same night as the second and third rounds of the NFL draft.


Father Arrested After Accidentally Shooting 6-Year-Old Daughter

SUSPECT: Eldon McInville

CHARGES: Child abuse, aggravated assault


THE DETAILS: One family in Arizona lived through their worst nightmare when a father decided to teach his young daughter about gun safety. According to initial reports, McInville was trying to show his six-year-old daughter how to clean and reload the weapon. Reports show that the suspect had no prior knowledge about how to perform the task, and he was using both YouTube and Google as instructional guides. Suddenly, the gun slipped and discharged a bullet. It stuck the youngster directly in the abdomen. Thankfully, the child survived, but she still faces months of recovery. A judge did confirm that the incident appears to be accidental, but it still happened “under exceedingly reckless circumstances.”