Officers in Clinton County, Pennsylvania, made a bizarre and unsettling arrest over the weekend. A couple was arrested for firing multiple shots into the air in an attempt to battle ‘space aliens’ who were allegedly shooting their weapons back at them.

Both Jesse Shields and Katherine McCloskey were enjoying an average evening together when things took a dark turn. The duo decided to indulge in the street drug bath salts, and it appears the drug caused them to completely lose touch with reality. Shortly after midnight, the couple began to see small blinking lights in the sky. These blinking lights became increasingly threatening, and the couple assumed the lights were actually laser beams being shot from alien spacecraft. Shields ran into his home and grabbed his firearm. He shot multiple shots into the sky to scare off the aliens.

In a panic, the two fled to a neighbor’s home and forced themselves in by breaking a window. They explained their situation. The polite neighbor dialed 911 for the couple and told dispatchers that something was chasing the two. As she dialed the police, the couple ran to another neighbor’s home and broke their window too. After letting themselves in, Shields asked the homeowner if he could take a shower. He told the confused homeowner that alien goo was burning his skin.

Responding officers investigated the incident and discovered the couple was shooting at fireflies. Both individuals were arrested and taken into custody. They are facing multiple charges including disorderly conduct, felony burglary, felony criminal trespassing and public drunkenness. Shields is facing additional charges for carrying his firearm without a license and recklessly endangering other people by discharging it.