FOX News reports a couple has pleaded guilty to stealing $1.4M from Hurricane Sandy victims and using it for gambling and buying a diamond ring. The couple, from New Jersey, has confessed to taking the money from hurricane victims seeking home repairs and then using the cash for their own gain.

Jeffrey Colmyer and Tiffany Cimino are from Little Egg Harbor, and have pleaded guilty to theft charges in court. The couple used two construction companies to run the fraud scheme – Rayne Construction Management Services and Colmyer & Sons. More than 20 storm victims gave them money to elevate their homes and perform other reconstruction projects, but the work never happened or was never completed.

Much of the money was obtained from government relief programs. The couple gambled most of it away at casinos in Atlantic City, and purchased a $17,000 diamond ring.

Colmyer has pleaded guilty to money laundering, and his sentencing is scheduled for September 7. He faces a seven-year sentence and Cimono faces probation. The two were arrested in October 2016, four years after Hurricane Sandy plowed through New Jersey.

A plea deal requires them to pay $56,472 in back taxes and $1.45M in restitution.

*Photo credit FOX News