Police officers from Maine are facing both embarrassment and criticism when they mistakenly believed a bag of ashy substances contained illegal drugs. It was later discovered that the bag contained the ashes of a deceased man, but police had still taken the gentleman’s remains and had it tested for heroin.

The embarrassing mishap began early on Saturday when a police officer pulled over one vehicle for driving suspiciously and recklessly. The driver had swerved off of the main road, smashed into a utility pole and fallen into a nearby ditch. The suspect was passed out, so emergency response teams were called. The officer believed that the driver may have been under the influence or impaired, so he decided to search the vehicle. During the search, the officer discovered the two small plastic bags full of an unknown ashy substance.

The officer jumped into crisis response mode and assumed the driver must have overdosed on the unknown drug. Emergency responders were instructed to administer Narcan, an opioid-overdose reversal drug, to the passed-out victim.

Sheriff Ken Mason explained that test results later confirmed the substance was human remains. He stated it was “a rather unusual manner in which to keep the remains of a loved one, for sure.”

The driver, Jesse Legendre, later told police that the owner of the car had loaned him the vehicle. The owner, Kevin Curtis, later confirmed that he had allowed Legendre to drive his vehicle. He claims he was keeping the remains in his vehicle until an urn arrived. Legendre is facing charges of falsifying physical evidence and operating after habitual offender revocation.