The FBI has just arrested a Paterson Police officer for allegedly dealing illegal drugs out of his cop car for over a year. The suspect, Ruben McAusland, was taken in by federal agents on April 27th. Attorney Craig Carpenito confirmed that McAusland is being accused of selling multiple street drugs including marijuana, crack-cocaine, powder cocaine and heroin.

The FBI describes how the suspect sold drugs to a police informant who agreed to work with authorities to reduce the penalties he faces in his own drug conviction. The witness purchased various substances from the police officer on multiple occasions, so the FBI was successful in gathering substantial evidence against McAusland. Text messages between the informant and suspect discuss marijuana drug deals by the pound, and the police officer later followed through by selling the informant 1.9 pounds. Later, the officer reached out to the informant to discuss potential cocaine deals worth $30,000. Over time, the officer sold the informant $400, $600 and then $700 worth of heroin pills on three separate occasions. On April 1st, the officer made an exchange worth $7,000.

McAusland is being charged with distribution and possession of illegal substances. He has been placed on unpaid suspension. Last week, the FBI arrested two other police officers in the same department. Officers Jonathan Bustios and Eudy Ramos have been charged with multiple crimes including extortion, conducting warrantless searches and even filing false police reports. According to authorities, all three police offers were flagged by an early warning system the department uses.