Arnold Nash, a convicted murder, has spent the majority of his life in prison, but this fact hasn’t thwarted his desire to break free. For the third time in his life, he has escaped a Maine prison facility. Police are on the lookout for the suspect, and they are asking for the public’s assistance in this man’s capture.

Nash is currently 65-years-old. The suspect is considered dangerous. Nash was nearing the end of his 45-year sentence after murdering his North Sullivan neighbor back in 1991. After receiving good time provisions, the suspect was expected to be released in December of 2019. His good behavior led police to transfer him to the Mountain View Correctional Facility, a minimum security unit.

Joseph Fitzpatrick, the Corrections Commisioner, explained how Nash was last seen on September 13. He was wearing a light blue shirt and blue jeans at the time of his escape. Unfortunately, the suspect was in an unfenced area at the time he disappeared. It’s apparent that he simply walked off the prison grounds. Fitzpatrick declined to share further information about the suspect’s previous escape attempts.

Journalists uncovered how Nash has previously escaped at least twice before in his life. One of these escapes, which occurred back in 1981, led to a 22-day manhunt. Nash was attempting to flee to Canada, but he was eventually captured hiding out in the woods. A less successful attempt was made in 1973 when the suspect disappeared from Maine’s Correctional Center in Windham.

There have not yet been any confirmed sightings of the suspect. Authorities believe he is likely in the Charleston area. Anyone with knowledge about the suspect or his location should contact the Maine State Police at 207-973-3700.