A recent Houston Independent School District meeting became overwhelmingly heated, so police became involved in the situation. The school meeting ended with at least one mother being physically dragged out, as seen in viral video footage, and multiple people being arrested and detained.

The meeting was set to discuss the possibility of the Energized for STEM Academy, a charter school, taking temporary control over ten of the district’s schools. The schools in question are seen as ‘failures’ by many who were involved in the meeting, but several individuals were strongly opposed to the charter school taking control. The meeting quickly got out of control when discussions became yelling matches. Chanting from members prevented speakers from continuing civilized discussion.

As things spiraled out of control, a number of disruptive parents were asked to leave. When they refused, several were detained and arrested. Some were charged with interfering with duties of a public servant, while others were charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass. Those who were forcibly removed from the meeting were nearly all opposed to the plan. Ultimately, the board members adjourned without ever voting on the measure.

The Houston Independent School District later released a statement advising future audience members to remain respectful and observe decorum. The Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg confirmed that the Houston Independent School District dropped all charges against the meeting attendees the following day. No additional action is expected to take place, and those who were detained were released on Wednesday.