Congressman Darren Soto is facing a publicity nightmare as reports are coming out about his wife’s recent run in with police. Reports indicate that Amanda Soto, the representative’s wife, and her mother were both at the West Side bus loop when authorities noticed the women acting suspiciously.

In a statement recorded in the police report, Deputy Cory Heller recalls witnessing Amanda Soto pulling her mother by her backpack. It appeared to the police officer like Soto was trying to prevent her mother from walking away from a confrontation. The police officer approached the duo. It appeared that they were both intoxicated. Rather than arrest the squabbling pair, Deputy Heller attempted to diffuse the situation by calling them an Uber ride to transport them back home.

Once the Uber driver arrived, Soto allegedly began cursing and spewing profanities at both the Deputy and the unsuspecting Uber driver. At that time, the Deputy put Soto in handcuffs. She was placed in the police cruiser where she began to smash her head into the window. The Deputy believes the suspect was attempting to harm herself. Deputy Heller further noted that the suspect continuously repeated that she was the wife of a congressman and therefore could do whatever she wanted.

Amanda Soto was booked at 10:44 p.m., but the suspect was later released on bond. Later, Congressman Darren Soto revealed that his wife recently stopped taking her depression medication under the supervision of her doctor. She has struggled with depression for an extended period, and the couple will be seeking additional mental treatment for Amanda Soto as soon as possible.