The recent shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh disturbed the entire nation. One family has been particularly disturbed by both the recent event and their family member’s response to it. The family’s level of concern eventually led them to reach out to local police.

According to police documents, the family of 30-year-old Jeffrey R. Clark Jr. became increasingly worried when Clark began idolizing the Pittsburgh shooter. Just hours after the shooting, Clark’s brother committed suicide. It is believed that this event triggered Clark into becoming increasingly unhinged. After the shooting, it was revealed that Clark followed the shooter’s social media page. Family members were appalled when Clark later became hostile during a get-together. The suspect allegedly claimed that the eleven victims of the shooting “deserved it.” He continued to become more and more aggressive with his outbursts.

Eventually, concerned relatives decided to contact police in fear that Clark may do something violent towards himself or others. The relatives explained to authorities that both Clark and his brother were adamant members of the alt-right movement. They also explained how the brothers have been stocking up on guns since early 2016 because the duo believed the country is headed towards another civil war. Clark was known to frequent the recently banned social media website Gab, and he was in communication with the synagogue shooter prior to the incident. After the shooting, Clark reportedly posted, “This was a dry run for things to come.” Relatives also noted the suspect’s extreme admiration for the Oklahoma bomber, Unabomber and Charles Manson.

After conducting a well-check on the suspect, police found a hoard of illegal weapons. Clark was ultimately charged with illegally possessing a firearm while using a controlled substance.