When one college student’s things started going missing, she initially thought her apartment room was haunted. For months, shirts, pants and other clothing items just vanished inexplicably.

Maddie, the University of North Carolina student, discovered the truth when she decided to return to her apartment during her lunch hour on February 2nd. While on lunch, she started to hear noises coming from her closet. Startled, she called out, “Who’s there?!”

Incredibly, the “ghost” talked back and simply said, “Oh, my name is Drew.” She threw open her closet doors and discovered a strange 30-year-old man fully dressed in her clothing. What she thought could be paranormal activity turned out to be a real criminal hiding in her closet.

Maddie was in awe as she looked upon the culprit who was even wearing her socks and shoes. He stared back holding on to a backpack bursting with the victim’s clothing.

The baffling stare-down eventually led Maddie to reach out to the Greensboro Police Department. While she waited for help to arrive, the perpetrator allegedly told the victim things like, “You’re really pretty, can I give you a hug?”

Detectives arrived and arrested the culprit, 30-year-old Andrew Swofford. Authorities later confirmed that Swofford has been arrested several times in the Greensboro area, so they were familiar with him. In all, he has at least 25 charges against him including his most recent charges of breaking and entering into the student’s apartment. He is still in custody at the Guilford County Jail.